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"Vers la Rive" MARC CHAGALL Original Woodcut


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  • Product description

    Chagall was not only a painter but also a poet. In 1968 several of Chagall’s poems were published in “Les Poemes” his book of poetry. He also illustrated this book, featuring a series of 24 woodcuts he handcrafted. These were the only woodcuts Chagall ever made. This was an edition of 238 prints.

    The poem is in French but the English translation is: 

    An old house, blind

    The night in all crotchet

    The first I left

    And I lengthened the hand 


    I see the stream, the cold waters, 

    In the evening, toward the strand, I walk

    A prayer flows as me

    It sings to the bottom of waters


    Approach. White cloud

    Carry away me in heights

    I hear in stocking to sound bells

    And houses rise a smoke


    A word my mouth wants to say

    For parents under snow

    So much that you will carry me, my breath, 

    I will be with them


    Have me you forgotten, my city

    I hear your waters in my body

    Sat down on your benches I hoped

    Your call. 


    About the artist:

    Marc Chagall (1887-1985) was born in Vitebsk, Russia. At a young age, he was apprenticed to the town portrait painter and from there traveled to St. Petersburg to study. By 1910, he had settled in Paris where he became friendly with poets and painters such as Modigliani. During this period, Chagall developed the imaginative dreamlike quality in his work that is now recognized as a forerunner of surrealism. Returning to Russia in 1914, he married Bella whose love is celebrated in so many of his paintings. The breadth and depth of his lifetime work has included design for theatrical production; illustrations for numerous books; murals, paintings and prints with a range of subject matter that includes imaginative dreamlike village scenes from his Yiddish childhood to illustrations of stories from the Bible. Chagall is only one of two artists (the other was Picasso) to have a retrospective show at the Louvre while he was still living.


    ZFBK 102



  • Product condition

    Great condition.

  • Product Size

    26"H x 23"W