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RUSSELL WHITING "Avalon Knight" Sculpture


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  • Product description

    Based off of the lore of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the “Avalon Knight” by Russell Whiting is a meeting of wood and metal. A figured sculpted from wood has a heavy grey patina to the wood. A metal crown sits atop their head fixed into place with metal rivets. A twisted metal cape wraps about the figure’s shoulders colored slightly in blue and red. They stand precariously on tip toe on a wheeled base shaped like an anvil.  


    About the Artists:

    Russell Whiting is a self taught artist who has been drawing and carving wood since his childhood. He learned to work with an oxyacetylene torch in the oil fields of Louisiana. Whiting’s unique technique is using the oxyacetylene torch to carve steel into graceful figures. In addition he uses hammered and welded techniques.


    He has been quoted saying “In 1990 I began using steel and techniques I had learned in the oil fields of the Gulf of Mexico. Those techniques I have found to be unique to my process. Strongly influenced by classical forms, I have begun to recognize the validity of my own subconscious dialogue as an important source for my work. This fusion results in classicism with contemporary execution. The creation of my images is influenced by many factors: religion, ancient cultures, cinema, other artists, etc. The images are combined and mutated and reborn with no regard to logic or their cultural origins.”


    ZSLB 101

  • Product condition

    Excellent condition.

  • Product Size

    61"H x 12"W x 36"D