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Dealers: How to Shop ReSale

Grandview Mercantile offers many opportunites for our resale dealers.  Shop online, come in and browse our ever-changing inventory or create a client  wish list and we will contact you when requested items arrive. 

If you have a current Vendor's License and are registered in our system, you are entitled to a 10% discount for cash purchases or an 8% discount for check or credit card purchases on any items over $20.  You may make offers on any item at Grandview Mercantile that is $150 or more. Items under $20 do not qualify for a discount.  Items under $150 that are priced separately may not be combined in value to qualify for an offer.  

At the point of purchase, you will be required to sign a statement on your sales receipt that the items that you are purchasing with a tax exempt designation are for resale.  Please note that  even if you have filled out the online resale dealer registration form, you will be asked to personally sign a State of Ohio Tax Exempt form the first time that you purchase in the store.  Please note that Ohio Sales Tax must be paid on any items that are being purchased for personal use.