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Using PRIDE as Inspiration

Colorful Treasures Inspired by the Rainbow Flag

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This week marks the 36th Annual Stonewall Columbus Pride Parade and Festival. What began in June of 1981 as a march of 200 people, some disguising themselves for anonymity and safety, has grown to include over 10,000 marchers and almost 500,000 people in attendance to celebrate life, harmony, hope and diversity all under the umbrella of a community where everyone is welcome. Here at Grandview Mercantile & Revue we used the colors of the Rainbow Flag as inspiration to pull together some of our favorite colorful items to share.


This red chandelier is one of our newest and most exceptional light fixtures. Designed by Gian Paolo Car, this AXO MONDO Nuovo chandelier, presents a new take on a traditional style. Modeled after the Louis XIV lighting style (also known as the Sun King), this chandelier mimics the recognizable shape while adding a contemporary spin by replacing the familiar iron arms and crystals with vibrant red blown glass situated on a matte nickel finish. This is certainly one of our more unique pieces, but also one of our favorites.




“Release” by painter Monique Brent was created with acrylic and mixed media techniques. Against a strong orange background, the image of a woman screaming has much to note, the color and expression to start, but the texture on the canvas is the true standout. The subject’s hair physically pops off the canvas from layers and layers of color and paint combinations. We see a lot of artwork come through the doors here at the store, all styles and subject matter, but the strong imagery, color and technique of this piece make it perfect for the focal point of any modern room.




Speaking of show stopping pieces, this 14kt Citrine ring clearly comes to mind. If you have ever been to Grandview Mercantile & Revue, you will certainly have noticed our vast and varied assortment of vintage and estate jewelry. This ring, though, finds its own way to shine through. The size of the stone is eye catching, but the band and setting are exceptional in their own right. The shape of the stone contrasts the delicate scroll-like style of the setting and the thinness of the band to create a stunning piece of jewelry. While diamonds will always be a quintessential classic, we have noticed our customers searching for colorful, bold statements like citrines, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, even opals to standout from the crowd and create a look that screams unique.


Jade comes from all over the world and in many shades of green (depending on its origin). What makes this Jade and Diamond Deco Pin so special is its varying color throughout. With a mix of darker hues and apple green, the art deco pin truly stands out in any setting. It is believed to have been made between 1920-1925, and both the diamonds and jade are in excellent condition. Art Deco pins came around shortly after the deco dress pins, which were popular in the 1920’s. Despite dresses in the 20’s tending to be more on the “flashy and flapper” side, these pins were still considered extravagant. As this trend became more popular, they were used to jazz up other clothing items such as coats and blouses, which is what we are most familiar with today.


We love this French Country Camel Back Sofa in richly decorated Waverly fabric. It is easily one of the most colorful items we have in the store! It has stripes, it has flowers, and it has pheasants (Pheasants!) and it all works perfectly together. Don’t be fooled though, this is not your Grandmother’s couch! Although the shape and upholstery seem traditional, the color palette screams modern making this an ideal standout piece for a variety of different spaces. At first glance, the colors and patterns may seem a little overwhelming, but if you are going to go big, you might as well go spectacular!  


This beautiful industrial image in varying shades of lavender and violet is a signed and authenticated aquatint titled “Factory” by  Eyvind Earle. An American artist, Earle is recognized for his vivid illustrations, most notable those used in the Disney film Sleeping Beauty. Earle worked in a number of mediums including oil, pencil, and water colors. Aquatints are often mistaken for watercolors, due to their "wet" aesthetic. However, aquatints are actually prints which use copper plates etched with nitric acid to create an image. This technique also allows the artist to achieve the crisp lines as seen in this industrial landscape.  The juxtaposition of subject matter and color scheme creates a unique experience within a single piece of art.



We at Grandview Mercantile & ReVue would like to wish EVERYONE a Happy Pride and value the wonderful diversity of all types in our store and community!