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Objects of Curiosity

November 2014

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Give your home an air of mystery, a curious touch, an unexpected twist with an array of oddities throughout Grandview Mercantile and ReVue. Try offbeat decor, weird art, or odd accessories that spark up a conversation... and keep them talking.

Decor and knick knacks that always get a second (or third) look. Check.


An odd old device to repurpose as a display item. Check! Prosthetic leg, tobacco grinder, porthole, optometrist's device anyone?


Unusual things that are useful. Yes. we've got those, too.


Weird art that make you say, "What the ----?" Come on in!

Escape the ordinary. Embrace the unusual.

This is just a sampling of the dozens of oddities we get in every week. Stop by to see our entire selection!