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An Adventure Awaits

October 2014

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When you shop at ReVue Fine Consignment, you never know what you'll find. With hundreds of new items arriving every week, you're in for an adventure every time you step in the door. Here are some of the things you might experience.

   The Joneses will want to keep up with you

Everybody wants to buy something nobody else has like this Cuban Street Art. One of our consignors recently traveled to Cuba and was so enamored by the powerful art sold on the streets, she brought some of it back to share with Columbus. Colorful. Dramatic. Emotional.


You'll find plenty of other things nobody else has throughout the store like these - a 10-ft. tall antique pine cupboard removed from a nunnery in the early 1900s; an antique presentation chair with a figural column back; a pottery cat platter by Wayne Shadburne; a vintage Bakelite mahjong set.

new uses for old things


Look for new twists on common items at Revue. Those old entertainment armoires aren't dinosaurs yet - they make fantastic storage units. Perfect as a pantry as pictured here. You can also use them for clothes, books and games, or whatever you need to tuck away.

Consignment mirrors of all shapes and sizes as wall art. This would be eye-catching in an entry, above a mantle, or in a hallway. Why be ordinary?

emotional connection

You know the feeling. You see something that just takes you back to a time and place. To a memory so engraved in your mind, it's like it happened yesterday.


Find your emotional connection at Revue. And don't let it go.

This is just a sampling of the dozens of new pieces we get in every week. Stop by to see our entire selection!