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This Just In!

Wondering about what just walked through our doors? Take a look before stepping out the door at some of the newest and freshest items that have come in this week here at Grandview Mercantile & Revue! From a new Arhaus sofas to antique bumpe... Read More

Spotlight on African Tribal Arts

      African tribal art tends to leave impact and create memories because of their uniqueness, which is what everyone would want their guests to appreciate once they get into their living room; African art can also refle... Read More

Put A Ring on It

Meet Ashley and Chase. They got engaged on a chilly day in January 2016 in downtown Columbus on the Scioto Mile. Lucky for us, we were able to play a small part in their engagement story as Chase bought her engagement ring at the Grandview Mercantile... Read More

360 Degrees of Appreciation

Gay Badenoch (1920-2003) studied and painted most of her life, starting at the Boston Art Institute after winning a scholarship following high school. She also attended classes in Detroit at the Cranbrook Institute. Upon moving to New York City, she... Read More

Outdoor: À la carte

When you think of a great interior space, it is layered and complex, right? So why not apply this same thought to creating an outdoor space? Matching outdoor sets are taking a backseat to a new hipper trend of eclecticism in outdoor spaces. Curating a... Read More

Paint on Your Walls

Don't be intimidated — a big, windowless wall can be the perfect canvas for creative decor ideas, including an art gallery wall. Let art elevate the mood in your living space.     Konstantin Petrov, "Portrait of Katya Murat... Read More

60s Flashback

The looks! The music! The clothes! To say the Sixties were an exciting time in American style history is an understatement. Look in practically any room today, and you'll find some element that has its design origin ties to that high era of sty... Read More

Portraits: Works by Mapplethorpe, Curtis, and Tunney

Robert Mapplethorpe , "Roy Cohn", 1981.  15" x 15 1/8" This original flush-mounted photograph is titled, dated, numbered 3/10, and inscribed "MAP 608". It carries the photographer's estate stamp, signed and dated by Michael Ward ... Read More

Out of Your Element

Fill your entire home with exotic accents, or add just a touch of modern global flair. Any room can come to life by layering distinctive accessories that are full of color, texture and interest. Make the look yours today with dramatic, yet playful art... Read More

heART: Choose what moves you

Choosing the perfect art is all about your emotional bond to it - how it touches you and how it makes you feel. Find the one after your own heart with our extensive collection, including these quality pieces. Contact us for more informatio... Read More

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